Monday, August 15, 2011

DetermiNation Training Begins!

Week 1, Day 1
Today was Day #1 of my DetermiNation Team training! My assignment was a 40 minute easy run. As I headed out, I felt good and forced myself to go slow and steady. I know an easy run has a pace you can talk through, but when you are training alone that is hard to go by. I decided if I could sing along with the songs on my Ipod, I was okay. A quarter of a mile in, my Garmin died, so I was on my own to determine when I'd completed my 40 minutes. I ran a familiar loop around the neighborhood and felt great the whole way. It surprised me how "easy" the run was, which made me question my pace. When I got home, I calculated how long I'd run by adding up the minutes of the songs I listened to on my Ipod. Total song time elapsed: 43 minutes! Because I intentionally ran at a slower pace, I estimated my distance about 3.3 miles. Not having any experience with a training plan, this is all new to me. I'm keeping my mind open and my legs moving.

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