Saturday, August 27, 2011

2.75m I'm a Skirt Convert

Week 2, Day 4

I had another dead Garmin battery and another night of guessing how long I’d been running.  Obviously, I’m not a quick learner.  I was exhausted yesterday, so I postponed my training until today.  I chose my route because I was in search for a key that might have dropped on the road.  I did a slow jog down the road and back keeping an eye out for a lost key.  It felt good to be moving and the key search kept my mind of the distance and the heat.  I wore a pair of running shorts and was quickly reminded why I’ve become a running skirt convert.  Unless you are Barbie, I would expect other runners to understand chafing.  My shorts were short, it was a bazillion degrees outside, and I was sweating.   When I run, I intentionally make sure my thick thighs do not meet by covering them with compression/spandex shorts.  My not-so-sexy behind does not need to be seen by the world.  Thus, the running skirt is a perfect solution for me.  The skirts I wear come with compression shorts under them to keep my friction under control.  Then, the skirt adds a nice feminine touch while covering what needs to be covered.  I LOVE the skirts from Running Skirts (

On the topic of running skirts, I just bought this one to wear at the Run Like a Girl Half-Marathon in October (  Check it out!  I have a great group of women joining my Sole Sister’s team.  It is going to be a blast and an experience the gals will never forget. 

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