Wednesday, August 17, 2011

4.06m Track Workout

Week 1, Day 2

I went to the nearest high school track with my kids in tow. By the time I got out there, I was surrounded by football practice and the heat of the day was creeping up. Before I started, I called my cousin to make sure I was interpreting the workout correctly:

800 meter warm up (track)
8 x 400 (1 lap) @ 90% effort with a 200 meter (1/2 lap) walk recovery
Finish with an 800 m cool down (walk or jog)

Once he saw the track, DD decided he wanted to run a lap with me. He has the potential to be a great runner someday. Despite wearing his cowboy boots (and me telling him he needed to wear his running shoes today), he ran one lap at a consistent 8:30 pace!  When my other munchkin got restless, I would push him around the track with me. When neither was with me, I would I circle back to see DD pushing his brother around in the stroller and waving a WSU Cougar flag at me like I was about to finish a race. I felt a little like we were part of a circus show.

It felt good to get my workout done early. I did lose track of which lap I was on since my focus kept being interrupted by my kids. In the sprints, my shins reminded me that in high school I used to tape them before races. My lungs reminded me that I’m not young anymore. I have a long way to go, but excited that this journey has just started. 

Final stats: 4.06m/47:15/11:39pace

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