Thursday, July 10, 2014

Once Upon a Time There Was a Porcupine and a Skunk

Once upon a time there was a porcupine and a skunk.... Who doesn't like once upon a time stories? My boys LOVE them and my run this week helped me create a good one for them.

Here's a real life dilemma: what do you do if you happen upon a porcupine in the road and then a skunk in your path, anytime, let alone on your run?

I chose to proceed slowly, using the change of pace for recovery and then sprinted away once I was past. I opted to take an alternate route home.  

As I approached, the porcupine appeared to be dead in the road, but I still followed procedure just in case he decided to wake from the dead and chase after me as a porcupine zombie. Didn't happen. Whew, all clear.

Just when I thought I'd had enough excitement for the day, I encountered a skunk on the path ahead of me. Luck was once again on my side as the skunk was more interested in something else than it was of me. All clear: check. More sprinting than called for on my "easy run" check, check.

Later, when I told my boys about my encounters they became very excited and wanted to know what I did and how I got away!  So, I told them:  I activated my creature-power suit to disguise myself to look like another porcupine then changed into a skunk. 

By the shocked and amazed look on my boys' faces, I had the right answer. Supermom in disguise. One of my many talents.

What's your superpower? 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I'm All In: 13.FUN First Two Weeks

With a race confirmation, training plan, and no time to waste, I'm all in for my 13.FUN adventure! In fact, I've already conquered two weeks of training and started on my third!

A working mother of two requires me to be creative with my time and energy. I've had to make training a priority while ensuring it has as little of an impact as possible on my family.

This is what my juggling act looks like right now: two days a week I get up and run at 5 a.m. in order to get done and home before my husband has to leave for work. Today was one of those 5 a.m. training days. It is now 6:30 a.m. and I'm sitting here slurping on my protein shake with a conditioning treatment processing on my hair from my shower while I'm typing this blog. I feel accomplished (and a bit groggy) because my workout is already done for today and the house is quiet and still (rare occasion).

One day a week, I run in the evenings while my son is at his golf lesson or soccer practice, and I do a long run on the weekend.  My fifth day is usually a strength/cross training day and/or short run. 

These first two weeks of training have been amazing! I started my training on vacation and ran on the beach.  The water was so good for my soul.

My son and I ran the 4th of July Pennant Race and I ran a 5K PR!

I hear stiring in the house and it is only moments before I must switch into full mom-mode. Time for me to love on my kids. Farewell for now and happy running!