Sunday, March 18, 2012

I'm a WISER Sister!

Since my race in January, I've gone on a hiatus from running in order to be able to participate in an exercise study with the University of Pennsylvania. Yes, that may sound backwards, but I had to have a period of inactivity in order to qualify. This weekend was my clinical visit and now the games can begin. I'm one of only 185 participants nationwide and I'm excited to think I may be making a difference!
If you've ever traveled with me you know that I always have a good time and take notes to be able to laugh again later.  Here are a few of the highlights and thoughts from my trip to Philadelphia:
  • Wearing "bling jeans" will make TSA agents grab my ass. I may just start wearing them for every flight....
  • I've discovered that ALL rental cars I get don't come with automatic headlights.  On this trip I was lucky enough to discover this BEFORE I had to have a State Trooper tell me.
  •  I don't like driving in cities that I'm unfamiliar with especially if I'm alone. I'd be happy to have someone drive this Miss Daisy anywhere I go.
  • It cost more for me to park my rental car than it did for me to rent it.  Next time I'll skip renting a car and just take a cab.
  • Cab and bus drivers believe they are exempt from rules...never mind red lights, speed limits, one ways, no parking/passing zones....
  • I'm now officially a WISER Sister and think Pavlov would be proud of my performance on my treadmill test. I made it 9:45 and up to an incline of 17!
  • Starbucks cups are good for holding more than just coffee....
  • I CAN put on my big girl panties and go sight seeing on my own. Although, I wasn't brave enough to go belly up next to a stranger at a bar and celebrate St. Patrick's Day (or maybe I was actually smart enough not to put myself in that situation).
  • University of Pennsylvania was gorgeous, but the way it was completely surrounded by city life reminded of why UW wasn't a good college fit for me for that same reason. I'm a country girl at heart and I need to be able to see the stars at night and shut out the real world-even if just for a little while.

  • While walking through U Penn I saw a sign that made me laugh out loud and I had to take a picture:

    Then, I saw another one:

    This began my scavenger hunt to tour campus and find as many signs as I could. I thought it was appropriate that this one had fallen down and was dirty...hmm:

    So true:

    Whew, I'm off the hook: 

     The last sign I saw as I was leaving campus was this:

    Flying home in First Class confirmed that I appreciate and enjoy living a privileged life. I also had luxury accommodations at the Sheraton which I also thoroughly enjoyed. 
    I love my alone time, but I get lonely after a day and find my heart aching to love on my kids--If you are reading this, you should come with me when I go back to Philly in Sept!