Sunday, August 21, 2011

3.52m Running in the Dark

Week 2, Day 1:  45 minutes easy run

The nights are quickly creeping up as I often venture out about the same time, but todays run I ended up running home in the dark.  I made sure to charge my Garmin to ensure I wouldn’t have a repeat of last week’s dead battery.  Even though it was working, I still had no idea how long I had been running because I didn’t know how to turn the backlight on to read my watch!  It was too dark to read it, and I wasn’t going to chance pushing random buttons and mess up my time.  It was another successful guessing game because I finished back at my driveway at 45:17!  My pace was 12:51.

Again, I focused on my form and consistency in pace.  I ventured out with the goal of enjoying the run despite having eaten a LARGE, late dinner.  I went slow and steady and didn’t have any issues.  It was a beautiful summer evening and I know that they will soon come to an end.  Until they do, I will enjoy them.

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