Sunday, September 11, 2011

1.0m Running From the Boogie Man

Week 4, Day 3

It was pitch black out, but thanks to a relatively full moon I was able to barely see my way. Until tonight, I didn't realize that we only have one street light on our street and it is on the opposite end of where I run. I was running from the shadows and the boogie man. Okay, I really did run from a dog right after I drop kicked it for sprinting out of the shadows and trying to bite my legs. The neighbors who were driving home saw this and then followed me to make sure I made it home safely. After stopping to chat with them for a while I called it quits and went in for the night. So much for the four miles I was supposed to do. Running in the dark of the night is very different from running in the dark of the morning. Not sure I want to do that again.

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