Saturday, November 12, 2011

Who Needs Sleep?

Just when I think I’m caught up, I fall behind.   My last post was two months ago.  Let’s just say that between then and now, life happened.  Luckily for me, it happened in a good way.  I could go through it all in detail, but frankly I don’t have the time nor would you want to read my ramblings.  So here are the highlights:
  • I got a new job!
o    I’m very excited and I know this year will be a whirlwind.  Fitting training into an already crazy schedule is nearly impossible.  Who needs sleep right?  My training has definitely suffered, but I’m now settling into a routine which includes working out a couple of days a week, after work and before I go pick up the kids.   Once I have my kids, ME time is over…including trying to go to the bathroom alone.

  • I completed the Run Like a Girl Half-Marathon on Oct. 1, 2011!
Sole Sisters running team.
Happy pre-race photo of the cousins.

o   Twenty-two crazy “Sole Sisters” met up in Bellingham and we had a blast!  Sadly, we never had the opportunity to get a full group picture.   They treated us to something fun at every mile (tiaras, chocolate, Captain Marathon- who apparently was VERY friendly with one of our Sisters).  See picture below.    The bonus was at the end when we were welcomed at the finish line by the HOT firefighters of Bellingham.

Any guess where Captain Marathon's other hand is?

o   We stayed a fabulous hotel and had a great room with a full view of the bay.  Unexpectedly, we were all startled the first night when the room started to fill up with bright light and sounds like a UFO was coming to beam us up.  Apparently, we didn’t notice the small sign on the counter of the front lobby warning us of “Brief, occasional train sounds.”  Sigh.  Again, who needs sleep? 

Our suite had a sweet tub.

  • I won an award!
o   I was honored to receive a state exemplary volunteer award which confirms that I officially do a lot.  I say that because I always feel busy and I guess I am.  People comment on how much I do and ask how I do it all.   Honestly, I have no idea, but my super woman cape is starting to show signs of wearing.  

My mom flew up and attended the award dinner with me.  One of the highlights on the way home was finding an ancient relic.    Who knew phone booths still existed?  Of course I took this picture with my cell phone.

I made my mom pose for the photo.
  • I’ve accomplished some mileage PRs (Personal Records).
o   I made it up to 8 miles, non-stop running!  This is HUGE for me!  Don’t get me wrong.  I go the distance, just not at a fast pace.

  • My husband bought me a new hamster wheel!
o   My mother ship has landed.  No more cold, wet, night runs for me!  Crap, this also means no more excuses…. 

  • I’ve acquired 80% of my donation goal.
o   I have raised 80% of my fundraising commitment for the American Cancer Society.  Thanks to so many generous friends and family who believe in my cause to race in January!   I only have $225 left to raise in order to reach my $1,250 goal! 

  • I found a few suckers to run with me.
o   I now have two others who are going to join me in Phoenix to run the half-marathon.  (The rest of you are still welcome to join us.  It’s not too late!)  I certainly have a knack of talking people into doing crazy things with me.  I LOVE it!

I could go on and on.  But instead, I’m going to end on this note.  I dare you to walk or run just a little bit further each day.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Park a few more spaces away from the door.  Love your family and cherish every minute of every day.  It is a gift.

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  1. Nice update, Smarty. Oh, and I have PLENTY of races to talk you into. No worries there. The Sole Sisters have only just begun! This thing won't let me choose my own profile so I'll sign off as Turtle Girl. =)