Wednesday, September 7, 2011

4.03m Round and Round I Go

Week 4, Day 1:  Track Workout

Today’s workout felt great and relatively easy since I was coming off three days of “rest.” It was supposed to be my second run this week, but s#*! happend and here I am behind. The story of my life.
I was concerned about my foot because I’d worn some fashionable heels to work yesterday and by the end of the day my foot reminded me that it had been fractured less than six months ago. Oops…yep, I try to forget that and then wonder why my foot talks trash to me when I do dumb things like that to it. To my surprise, my foot felt great today and the hardest part was slowing down and trying to keep a consistent pace without constantly checking my watch. So, I just ran and hoped my pace was close to where it was supposed to be. Here was my training for today with my projected and actual paces:

800 m warm up: ran 12:13 pace

4-6 x 800 meters with 3-4 min recovery

1st @ 5K pace (11:00): ran 11:00 pace- nailed it!

2nd @ 20 seconds faster than 5k pace (10:40): ran 10:43 pace- I was close.

3rd @ 10 seconds slower than 5K pace (11:10): ran 10:48 pace- oops a bit too fast.

4th @ 5K pace (11:00): ran 10:52- It is really hard to gage my pace and be consistent

5th @ 15 seconds slower than 5k pace (11:15): ran 11:24- I think I was slacking a bit here waiting for the grand finale

6th @ 5k pace or faster (11:00): ran 9:15- OMG, I had to check my watch twice to make sure that time was correct.

800 meter cool down: ran 10:33 pace

All said and done, I ran 4.03 miles in at an average 10:51 pace. I really happy with that and it felt good to get out and run again. What I don't like about the track workouts is how boring they are and make me feel like I'm chasing myself...round and round I go....

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