Saturday, July 30, 2011

7.31m Around Santa Rosa, CA

I've been eating my way through my family reunion, so I decided I better go out for a run to burn off some of the calories. I had the choice of running around a lake or through the "Active Adult Community" so I chose to check out the neighborhood.

My run started downhill and was a quick mile (for me) at 10:33 pace. Ahh, fresh legs, no time constraints, and a perfect 58 degrees with 90% humidity. The morning fog had not yet lifted and there was a slight drizzle against me as I ran. It felt incredible.

What goes down must eventually go mile two was not as pretty. I stayed at my consistent pace and worked my way up at 12:25 pace. I did stop for a few seconds to pet "Charlie," a cute little dog walking his owner.

Mile three had a few false flats, but at 12:14 pace I was able to really enjoy my suroundings. I was working my way through neighborhoods consisting of houses with perfectly manicured lawns, and a golden lab, hummingbird, or flower flag hanging outside the front door. There were more golf carts on the road then cars.

Mile four I picked up the pace to 11:39 after first checking the street sign name against the map I scribbled on the sticky note in my pocket. I was still on course and almost around the golf course.

My last mile was the home stretch and another hill. I pushed myself past street names like Cliff Dr and Skyline View. I knew I wasn't imagining the hills. A 12:01 mile pace took me home. I was happy with my 5.01 mile run and 11:46 average pace.

Later that afternoon, my sister and I escaped the family to go to the grocery store. On our way we decided to stop at Spring Lake and take a walk. We had a great time and it was a pretty route. We walked around the lake, taking the shorter distance option since we were just wearing our flip flops. We had a great conversation and 2.3 miles later we were back at the car. We had plenty to chat about (not like girls don't anyway) since it has been almost two years since we've seen each other!

It's been a great day and I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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