Friday, July 22, 2011

1.77m Stroll w/Mom

As I write this first blog entry, I’m wondering who (if anyone) will be interested in reading what I have to say?  Seeing that I have no “followers,” I guess I can write anything and not worry about offending anyone…so here goes.

Tonight was the last of many nights I have walked in the evening with my mom while she and my dad have been visiting.  They are leaving at O’dark 30, so it will be a while before we walk together again.  Our walk consisted of the usual plodding pace and tangential conversations.  We could have walked in silence and it still would have been nice spending time together.

The only noteworthy thing we saw on our walk was a cow that looked awkward.  She stood in the field with her back arched and tail up, crooked to the side.  The bull behind her seemed very interested, so we didn’t want to watch their “date.”  What we did discover was that she was not interested in what he had in mind (no surprise, right girls?), but instead she was in labor.  The poor girl had something pointy (hoof, shoulder, knee?) not quite lined up to begin the exit.  As we stood there watching, the sun was setting and it was getting dark so we decided to go.  We are hoping all goes well tonight for her and the calf.  All I can say to the cow is “Hey Sister, I understand and feel for you.”  I’ll check on her tomorrow....

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