Saturday, May 3, 2014

I'm Seeing Yellow

I avoid wearing yellow like the plague because, honestly, it makes me look like I have the plague. I'm not a fashionista, but I do know what colors do not look good on me and yellow is at the top of the list. Ironically, I'll be wearing yellow for my race on Sunday and I've never been more excited to wear it!

For the first time EVER, I will be wearing a YELLOW race bib for Bloomsday! What does that mean? It means that my training, determination, faith, and perseverance paid off enabling me to run a qualifying race time, which ultimately earned me the honor to wear yellow. 

I never thought I could do it and only dreamed of running that fast. (I'm still slow, but leap years ahead of where I started.) In March, I ran the St. Paddy's  Five Miler without my Garmin watch or friends. I went to the race solo, plugged myself into my music, and just ran. My only goal was to beat my 52 minute finish time from last year.  

After the race, I joined the crowd hovering around the sheets listing finishing times and was disappointed when I couldn't find my name. I stepped back to let others in to see their results. When I stepped up to look again, I couldn't believe what I saw...45:45! YES! I've never run that far that fast before...until now. I smoked my 52 minute finish by shaving seven minutes off that time and five minutes off my 5-mile PR!  Seriously?!  I immediately called my cousin and started celebrating. I think I'm still on that runner's high!

Clearly, I don't appear to be running fast, nor on a runner's high at the finish of the St. Paddy's Five!

Now, I sit here looking at my yellow Bloomsday bib in disbelief that I'm holding it. I laughed and smiled when the volunteers handed it to me at packet pick up. One volunteer said to the other, "yellow, we have ourselves another speedy one." Wow. Are they really talking about me?!

I've been challenging myself to get stonger and continuously step out of my comfort zone. Trail running on a day full of wind, rain, sleet, hail, thunder and lightening is a perfect example. Luckily, I found another friend crazy enough to run with me! 

Last Sunday, Jessica and I ran the Spokane River Run 10k and were lucky enough to have the weather bless us for our run. It was raining until we started running, stopped during our run, and started again as soon as we were leaving. Thank you Weather Gods!

The Bloomsday forecast for tomorrow is cool with a chance of showers. I'll take it. I'm excited to "run" this race for the first time. It will be a new experience to be in a color group where I don't get caught up in the swarm of walkers blocking the road as they walk five wide. I'm excited for the challenging course. I'm grateful for the Yellow opportunity. My lungs feel good and my legs feel strong. I have a new playlist ready and will not wear my Garmin. I have friends to run with. Now it is up to God to guide me. Bring on Bloomsday. Let's run!

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