Thursday, January 23, 2014

Family First

"Family first" is a value that was instilled in me from an early age.  (Although, I currently struggle with defining the parameters of this concept as I attempt to devote more time to myself in order to get healthy and fit again.) As much as I strive to be Supermom, I constantly fight the battle of balance between work, home, and self. 

"Family first" dedication kept me close to home in 2013 with only one long distance destination race, which I chose Savannah, Georgia because I could visit my sister who lives in Atlanta.

I chose to run a local marathon so my son could finally come and see me race and run across a finish line; a wish he's had for three years. (I grabbed his hand and had him cross the finish line with me!)

I ran shorter races so I wouldn't be away from my family very long and I could still have the time and energy to play with my boys, while working around my son's soccer schedule.

On weekdays, I'd run at night after I tucked my boys in bed so my running never interfered with our time together or with our family plans. 

This summer. my 7-year-old wanted to run a "real" race so we ran a 5K together, twice! He thought my I AM poster was so cool so Tran Creative made one for DD with his 5K photo and own words!

In 2013, I wanted to run at least 500 miles but logged 340. I'm happy with that. A mile is a mile and forward motion. I will keep my 500 mile goal for 2014, keep my family-first focus, and challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone more often. 

May 2014 be good to you, your family, and fill your cup!

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