Friday, July 6, 2012

My Time To Run

I think of myself as pretty easy going, but on nights like tonight I have to second guess myself. Nights before races (or as I'm packing to travel to a race) I find myself obsessing over every detail to ensure everything is perfect down to the last emergency kit detail. (If you haven't had the pleasure of digging into my treasure bag o'kit I'll leave the surprises inside for a time that you do.) Now back to my obsessing....  As a participant in the WISER Sister study, I've been progressively running more minutes each week and have reached my 300 minutes per week mark which I must maintain for the duration of the study. Knowing that I have a big run Sunday, I opted to do cross training in order to "rest" my legs for the race. Well, I'm regretting that decision as I find myself using my arms to help me to and from a sitting position or navigating the stairs.  My cross training included lunges and they got the best of me. Waking is even tricky so this race may become comical. We all need to be able to laugh at ourselves, right? Tomorrow my cousin (we'll  call her Turtle Girl) and I will take a fun road trip to Montana where I swear everything is so inexpensive it felt like they paid me to visit last time!  It will be nice to run the race this time instead of playing cheerleader on the sidelines trying to calculate pace and distance in order to make it to he next cheer spot in time to see my friends run by. I remember it was a hot July day and I was pregnant...not a good combo. But, that is all behind me and this Sunday it will be my turn to run. And, I'll have Turtle Girl, one of the world's best cheerleaders, with me! More on Turtle Girl and an official update on the WISER Sister study soon....

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